About us

Bierman Agri South Africa providing poultry accessories and services to poultry farmers and upcoming poultry farmers across South Africa.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Poutry services to all people in SOuth Africa

Bierman Agri started as a small poultry farm, supplying broilers and eggs to the local community, with the increased demand of local customers wanting to start their own poultry farms. We quickly realized that we can use our knowledge and experience to help others that also want to go into this venture.

We began supplying laying cages to clients and we quickly realized that the demand for our services increased. Therefore, we decided to construct chicken houses which led to the supply of fully completed poultry house combo deals.

Our goal is to contribute to the South African economy by assisting and supplying poultry farmers. We want every farm to grow productively and have the best results in the poultry business.

Bierman Agri Poultry Farmer
Bierman Agri Team

Our Vision

Bierman Agri SA ‘s Vision is a vision of great strides, our Vision is to be the biggest supplier and service provider in South Africa.

With stores and co operatives around the country to ensure we reach our full potential.

We want to venture into our neighborhood countries to expand our current market into different avenues in different markets.

When you think poultry we want you to think Bierman Agri SA !

Our Mission

To serve all our customers in such a way that they do not only become self sufficient and sustainable but to become the farmer they dream to be.

We serve with pride and passion and ensure that everyone gets the best attention possible to ensure we cover the fine detail.

Our goal is to uplift the economy through agriculture and to enrich not only the individual but the communities in Africa to ensure a better and sustainable future.

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